Our Services

Environmental Excellence facilitates a vast range of specialist services including collection of the home used oils, handling, recycling, and many more. We are working tirelessly to ensure that nothing is wasted or useless. In our every day we have experienced that every customer demand or requirement is different and unique that why we try hard to help every individual according to their expectations. It does not matter from where you are approaching Environmental Excellence will help you all the way. The sustainable waste solution is very important for the world’s reducing energy resources and we make it possible to reuse the used cooking oil. There is a series of process through which used cooking oils passes and refine.

Collection of Used Cooking Oil

A customer can contact on one’s own to sell the oil, we collect oil from their place. Environmental Excellence and customer can contract for future collection of oil, customers can set schedule with company or contact personally when needed. Like other well known companies we also provides containers to store used cooking oil. Customer can also arrange containers by their own self. What they actually have to do is to store oil in containers and cover it properly then call the company. Our drivers with trained staff will pick it up without creating any mess. It will help the customer in so many ways.

Recycling Process

The moment your used cooking oil reaches our recycling sites the food particles and other fragments are removed from the oil. Then the quality and value of collected oil are inspected. At the end used cooking oil passes through different processes of refinement, separation, and reaction processes. The specialized analysts monitor each and every step very carefully and produce new products. In this way used cooking oils are made reuseable which is very helpful in cleaning the environment as well as the world, also favorable to boost a nation’s economy. Everything is recycled nothing goes to the landfill which will also reduce land pollution.

Grease Trap Techniques

When users deal with used cooking oil carelessly, they pour used oil somewhere for instance in kitchen sinks or bins which results in blockage and then pollution as the waste combines with underground waters and sewage lines. Environmental Excellence also provides grease trap cleaning services to remove blockages and clean the lanes properly and professionally. By cleaning the grease traps from time to time will help to maintain the environment neat and clean.